The AmpliFi Instigators Key

This key unlocks multipliers on $AGG earnings inside AmpliFi campaigns + multipliers on partner protocol tokens distributed in AmpliFi's onchain KPI based campaigns. Instigators Key holders get access to 30% discounted $AGG in the xToken Terminal sale.

Gives access to 30% discounted $AGG in the allowlist sale later this month.

Gives affiliates multipliers on earnings in AmplIFi campaigns.

Gives multiplier in task based airdrop going on in AmpliFi Discord right now. (0.5% of total $AGG).

Used as WL/Allowlist collab partners on AmpliFi NFT and fundraising campaigns

Check out the instigators campaign on AmpliFi


- / 300

*Generally, only one Instigator can be minted at current price as price increases per mint to ensure fair distribution

Unlock these features and more to come

GMX, Lens Protocol and many more are launching on AmpliFi. Join them by unlocking these features with the Instigator Key. Get access to the allowlist for our xTokenTerminal sale. Boosted $LAGG tiers for Affiliates. Attend private AMAs with pre-launch campaigns. Access to OG channel in AmpliFi discord. Whitelist & allowlist spots on AmpliFI NFT & much more

XTokenTeminal $AGG Access

Access to xTokenTerminal sale for AmpliFi

Allowlists Whitelists & Airdrops

Many AmpliFi campaigns feature various forms of airdrops as well as WL/allowlist in the build up to mints, public sales, launches. Protocol owners can select options for inclusion. Instigators are featured first in our interface & highly reccommeded by our campaign setup teams.

Reward/Payout Boosting

Boosted multipliers on $LAGG matching for Affiliates & protocol users. Every AmpliFi campaign payout structure has a $LAGG component instigator key holders get mulitipliers on $LAGG payouts and in certain campaigns also multipliers on protocol native token payouts.

SDK, Embeds, new funnels & bots

Deep integration with AmpliFi campaigns. Create viral loops inside your app. Integrations with Discord, Twitter, Github, Snapsot, Subgraph & many more. AmpliFi circuits result in onchain KPIs with viral growth hacking built in at every level. Instigator key holders get access to beta features in the SDK as well as AmpliFi's growing suite of tools. Not only to use them in campaigns but to earn via biz dev & sales commissions.

Permissionless & Custom Viral KPI Based Marketing Campaigns

Beta access to permissionless & custom campaign creation for your project. Instigator key holders get access to our beta app for permissionlessly creating AmpliFi campaigns. Plus access to team channels for setting up custom campaigns.

Public Sales

Instigators will have access to private sales from protocols and NFT projects.


Hang with other instigators, share alpha, network & contribute to the protocol to earn. Instigator key is a requirement to access.


Project owners skip the line in the process for custom AmpliFi campaign setups. Affiliates earn Boosted commissions in AmpliFi's Meta Biz Dev program. Protocol users get first access to alpha in Instigator Key holder only channels.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, we offer technical support for all of our products - AmpliFi.js AmpliFI SDK AmpliFi Campaign Creation and preparation ie modeling incentive alignment, for tokenised referral and affiliate programs. However we only offer this support once your project has been accepted on the AmpliFi platform. Holders of the Instigator NFT have priority access to our support team to get accepted on the platform.

Instigators get access to the xToken Terminal before the public via an allowlist sale with 30% discount.